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Toledo is a city that gives a good account of Spain, its history, its culture and its customs.

Located in the heart of the peninsula and watered by the meanders of the Tagus, the City of Three Cultures has captivated throughout its history a multitude of peoples who have managed to find peace and coexistence among its cobbled streets.

The city that inspired Bécquer, El Greco, Garcilaso or Cervantes, is today a place with a unique spirit, which has grown and developed while preserving its regal and monumental beauty, declared a World Heritage Site.

Catholic legacy

Former capital of the Spanish empire and strategic enclave for the Catholic Monarchs, Toledo became an emblem of Christianity in Spain.

The Alcázar and the Monastery of San Juan de Los Reyes, built by the Catholic Monarchs to commemorate its victory against Islam, are perhaps the most important symbols of the city, without forgetting the Cathedral, seat of the Archdiocese of Toledo.

Santiago del Arrabal, San Vicente or Santo Tomé, which holds "The Burial of the Count of Orgaz" of El Greco, are some of the most important churches, which sow the historic centre of Toledo with gothic, Mozarabic, Mudéjar and baroque bell towers.

Madinat al-Muluk

Toledo was one of the cities chosen by the Arabs for its strategic position on the peninsula. Madinat al-Muluk, or city of Kings, was the name given to the city, granting it the capital of one of the Taifa kingdoms.

Nowadays, the exoticism of Islamic culture can be seen in the walls that embrace the centre of Toledo and its monumental gates.

The hermitage of Cristo de la Luz, formerly the mosque of Bab al-Mardum, is the best preserved of the 10 mosques built in the city.

Madinat al-Yahud

The Jews, despite being a minority throughout their time in Toledo, knew how to find their place in the city, settling in numerous neighbourhoods and building monuments of great splendour.

The Madinat al-Yahud or City of the Jews had its nerve centre in the synagogue of Tránsito, or synagogue of Samuel ha-Levi. The ornate building, considered the best preserved medieval synagogue in the world, holds the Sephardic Museum.

Another of the essential signs of Jewish culture in Toledo is the Santa María La Blanca synagogue, which stands out for the elaboration of the columns and arches of its multiple rooms.